The Benefits of Weight Lifting

benefits of weight lifting

It’s common sense that if you can generate more force and more speed, you’ll perform better in sports and any physical activity. So what’s the best way to improve your ability to generate this force? With resistance training! There’s no comparison. The benefits of weight lifting are greater than any other kind of exercise.

Weight lifting is the fastest avenue to increased strength and speed. Weather your an athlete who needs a competitive edge over the competition, a worker who has to move heavy items, an officer who has to chase down and restrain bad guys, or your a parent who wants more energy to play with the kids, you’ll enjoy the benefits of weight lifting.

In this post, we’ll go over the how to of getting stronger and faster.

How to Build Power and Speed:

Now, can you build power and speed through technical training and drills from sports? Yes, but it will typically take a lot longer than adding resistance training. Even people who claim to be against lifting still advocate for the use of some kind of resistance, whether it be a weight vest, sand bags, medicine ball, elastic bands, etc.

So everyone understands the benefits of weight lifting, but I think a lot of the mental pictures you get when weight lifting comes up are guys from the Mr. Olympia. In other words, it gets associated with a lot of hypertrophy and very low endurance.

The reality is there are different methods to lifting, and they have different results. A good strength coach can tailor a program to your needs. For people on this site, your need is likely going to be relative strength, i.e. strength that is relative to your body weight. If you’re in a sport with weight classes, relative strength can be your secret weapon. In other words, the benefits of weight lifting that you’re looking for don’t involve being as big as possible. You just want to be strong. A little hypertrophy is okay, but We aren’t trying to look like Ronnie Coleman.

Who Resistance Training is not for:

For some, weight lifting/strength training is unimportant. The recreational martial artist and the kids in pee-wee football may not need to invest time and energy on lifting. However, if you compete in a sport as a serious athlete or if your job requires you to be strong, such as law enforcement, the right strength training program can help you improve your skills so much faster.

When it’s time to compete and score is being kept, adding strength and speed is advantageous because it will improve your ability to successfully execute your techniques. This is number 1 in the benefits of weight lifting.

The Benefits of Weight Lifting (Broken Down):

The main benefit to the athlete is an improved ability to control and contract your muscles. That translates to more force and speed, but it also means you learn new techniques faster. So if your technical training is an upgrade to your software, then strength training is an upgrade to your hardware. You need both for the best results.

When you train with weight lifting, you teach yourself to contract your muscles harder and harder as your training progresses. Trying to lift heavier weight leads to more force and speed output from the central nervous system. These benefits go beyond just being able to lift more weight.

Through weight lifting, you will gain better control over your muscles and learn things about how your body moves. This makes you see how even small tasks you do every day are affecting you. You will realize the importance of your mechanics for protecting your joints and ligaments.

You’ll also find that you have much more energy as one of the benefits of weight lifting. This may be true with other types of exercise as well, but you’ll find that lifting weights has the most carry over to your every day life and your sports performance. When you train to be strong, you make all other tasks a little bit easier with each bit of progress you make.

The last and best benefit of weight lifting is an improved ability to learn new movement patterns. As stated above, strengthening your muscles and nervous system gives you more control over your body. You’ll see that learning new physical skills happens faster when you train your strength regularly. That is maybe my favorite on the list of benefits of weight lifting. It’s a huge confidence booster.

How to do your Weight Lifting Workouts

I believe in strength training with relatively heavy loads, near the one rep max, for anyone with at least six months of lifting experience. Doing so will teach you to contract the muscles not only harder but more efficiently, meaning you can generate more force with less effort. The caveat being you also need to be dedicated to your technical training in order to learn the proper mechanics, but strength training can get you ahead at an accelerated rate.

Continue your Education and Get the Full Benefits of Weight Lifting

There is plenty of information out there in order for you to learn how to use this to your advantage. Not only is there my free program on this site, but I recommend these books if you haven’t already read them:

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