Arm Wrestling Workout

arm wrestling workout

Here's an arm wrestling workout that will give you the upper body strength to pull the arms off of anyone in the bar. That is, if you actually know how to arm wrestle. It will definitely help you at your next tournament. This routine is designed with arm wrestling in mind, but it's great for … Continue reading Arm Wrestling Workout


Train Your Grip for Super Strength

Train your grip if you want to be strong. If you do anything that involves your hands, grip strength will benefit you. Grip strength is usually the weak link in upper body strength. No matter what prime mover muscle your using, that power has to be transferred through your hands. If you want "functional" strength, … Continue reading Train Your Grip for Super Strength

Weight Training with Thick Bars for Grappling

Thick Bars

The most important thing we want to get out of strength training is carryover to our sport. If your sport involves grappling or grabbing of any kind, training with a thick implement in your upper body lifts is a nice hack to get more carryover to your performance.